Since the distance to the venue is crucial in a city like Algiers (which is subject to very serious traffic congestion problems), the local organizing committee will act as a social planner and centralize the accommodation demands.

Please send your demands (not before September 8th) to Raouf.Boucekkine[at]

Typically, 5-stars algerian hotels are quite expensive. Please have a look at the websites of the following hotels to get an idea of the prices (1 euro is about 130 dinars) :

El Aurassi:

Saint George:


Other high/good quality new hotels are available in the center of Algiers, not far from the venue. Their prices are significantly lower (around 100 euros). Here comes a list of this sort of hotels :

Space Telemly Hotel :

Hotel ABC:

Hotel El-Biar:

Hotel Dar El Ikram :

As you can notice, not all hotels (including the 5-stars) have good enough websites (Space Telemly Hotel does not have one so far, it's new). The registration fees collected will entirely be used to pay the venue and to subsidize hotel expenditures, especially for PhD students. Group rates are under negociation with the 5-stars hotels mentioned above. Part of the accommodation costs will be also supported by local sponsors. Please send us your preferences and your constraints as indicated above. We will make sure that you will get the best accommodation possible.

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