Registration / Fees

In order to simplify the registration procedure (especially fees payment) as much as possible, we have decided to move to Conference Maker, the Econometric Society application. The link for registration is :

The alternative was fee payment via bank transfer to the Algerian local partner (CREAD). Conference Maker allows direct payments through PayPal. Please omit the submission part of the registration since your paper is already accepted, just report the title of the work, which is useful for the creation and administration of the scientific program of the conference.

The fees are definitely lower than those usually applied in ASSET conferences (even before conversion from US dollars to Euros !). A significant part of the conference expenditures will be covered by local sponsors. In particular, the two conference dinners (instead of the usual single one) are paid by local sponsors. Therefore, all registered participants are invited to both dinners. The first dinner, scheduled on October 27, will be offered in honor of Jacques Drèze.

Accompanying persons are also allowed, in such a case an even (much) lower fee is required. It's important to report accurately this type of information for us to send you an official invitation letter for the accompanying persons, which is necessary for the VISA process (see below).

Last but not least, consistently with ASSET policy, small fees are applied to PhD students (and no fee at all when the students are based in African universities and institutions). Also significantly lower fees are applied to senior researchers based in Africa.

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